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Last week, on Monday, I had a photo shoot with “Big Red” to take pictures for marketing Intramural Sports and the Regional Tournament. This experience was needless to say, but I will say it anyway, interesting… the guy who I was suppose to meet (Big Red) came into the intramural office, introduced himself, and asked where he could change so he could get ready. Once he was dressed as Big Red, he WAS BIG RED. I’m not sure if everyone knows or not but, Big Red is played by a person, I hope I’m not ruining this for anyone… Anyway, so he is in costume now and is hyped with school spirit to the max. He is running around the office dishing out high fives and being the usual Big Red we all know and love.

Once we got him out of the Preston Center so we could take pictures I asked him if it was ok if we do some different poses and different things for pictures. He replied with, “… (a belly shake and two thumbs up)…” Even though he was Big Red in costume I thought he would still talk, or communicate verbally, when one on one. That is incorrect, Big Red, is ALWAYS in character. The Executive Producer & Director of WKYU-PBS said Big Red is always in character, “imagine doing a commercial with him.” My experience with Big Red was unforgettable and I got some good pictures that will be featured on the plaques for the winners of the Battle of the Bluegrass flag football tournament. This regional tournament is this weekend, Nov. 19-21, games start on Friday night and championship games will take place on Sunday. If you don’t make it out to the complex you will still have an opportunity to keep up with latest scores and stories at the live action blog…



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