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The Intramural Basketball League tiped offed Sunday, Feb. 13, with little to no problems. That’s right I said “PROBLEM” and it’s a big one we need to deal with. The big concern on the minds of everyone involved with this sport are the “JERSEYS” or aka “PENNIES”. Here are a few issues with these numbered mesh rags.

1.) They never have your favorite number and your forced to play as a linemen wearing number 84.

2.) Your the last one to sign in on your team and you get stuck with one that feels like it was just soaked in a tub.

3.) The pennies are too small and too short. So, if your a towering giant, you get a belly shirt, and if your not skinny you’re given a sports bra.

4.) The pennies/jerseys are only washed once a day so if you play during the last hour, good luck finding the clean ones… or one… if any.

5.) And lastly, they are beginning to only use red and white pennies (promoting school spirit)

After hearing the top 5 problems participants have with jerseys/pennies, I will provide tips on how to avoid these problems, and how you can make the most of your intramural experience.

1.) Show up two hours before your game and wash a batch of pennies yourself. That gives you 30 minutes for a quick wash, 45 minutes to dry, and plenty of time to get your lay up line going.

2.) Sign up in the league that always has the first or second games. Don’t get stuck in a late hour or you get the pennies that feel like they were used by our water polo team.

3.) The easiest way to avoid the pennies and their problems is to get together as a team and throw up some cash for cheap matching t-shirts. If you do this your able to avoid sweat from other participants, you get your favorite number, and you avoid wearing something that looks like you got it from the baby gap.

Readers, you heard it here first. The top 5 problems and the 3 best ways to fix your jersey problems. I hope to see brightly colored t-shirts with amazing designs and a lack of use in the penny department. But hey, if you like the pennies, should it really stick to just red and white. I would love to hear your input, feedback, or crazy penny/jersey story.


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Welcome back readers, the holiday break is over and Intramural Sports are geared up and ready to go. The winter days of lounging around are done with so get off your couch and get that spring break body. The spring semester is full of highly anticipated Intramural sporting events, which include… basketball, dodgeball, soccer, and softball. There are 15 available sports for the 2011 spring semester. Check out the intramural page to see all the sports and their important dates. The first sport up for participation is Putt Putt with a registration deadline of January 25th.

Most people would say that Putt Putt is a strange intramural event, but it’s a great opportunity to hang out with friends and enjoy a relaxing sport. The course is set up in the Preston Center and designed with obstacles by the intramural staff. Participants in the past have taken this sport as a chance to showcase their “comical” or “outlandish” golf attire. So to encourage such behavior we will not only award the men’s and women’s winners with t-shirts, but will also award the best dressed male and best dressed female. The judging of best dressed participants will be done by the staff working the tournament. In conclusion, before participating in this event you may want to watch classic golf movies such as, Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack, to gain an idea of what looks to be comical, or even ridiculous.

Register online at imleagues.com by January 25th.

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As the end of the regular season comes to a close this week I would like to point out a few important things. First, participation, our numbers for flag football this year were extremely high. This is a positive thing and we hope to keep seeing our numbers increase. Second, creativity, some team names are very creative and unique, other team names are boring and  unoriginal. Take the following teams names as GOOD examples: Girls of Fall, Victorious Secret, No Punt Intended, and even Hotdog Water. Those are some of the top team names from flag this year. As for the list of teams that have a NOT so unique name: ALL FRAT teams that say their chapter and then pick a color. At least get somewhat creative and pick an animal along with your color. Some examples of this, instead of just being EX Blue, or KA Crimson, and SAE White. I mean the least you can do is give your team a mascot. Some good examples of adding animals to your team name would be the EX blue donkeys, or KA crimson rabbits, and  the SAE white monkeys. This way when players come up to sign in for games they can’t say, “I’m on ___________ (FRAT) and I don’t know what color we are.” An awesome animal selection will help members of your team remember which team they are on. I hope as new teams sign up for upcoming intramural events they put serious thought into their team name. Your team name should show character, pride, and should be witty/catchy.

On a more serious note, from a personal stand point, this season has been very successful. Our new class of officials has improved from week 1 and we have some possible all american officials. As the intramural season progresses from flag football into other sports I hope participants and employees of intramural sports keep good sportsmanship and encourage participation.

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