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This past weekend, Nov. 19th – 21st, was the Battle of the Bluegrass Regional Flag Football Tournament. There were 27 teams represented from 19 different universities. The Gold Pooh from Tennessee Tech. University won the Men’s Division. 2 Legit from West Florida took home the title of Women’s Champion, and the Bluegrass Bombthreats from the University of Kentucky took home the Co-Rec Championship. The Live Action Blog was a huge success, getting more than 1,000 hits. If your interested in checking out some scores, awesome photos, and podcasts from the tournament then check out the Battle of the Bluegrass blog. www.wkuregional.wordpress.com


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Last week, on Monday, I had a photo shoot with “Big Red” to take pictures for marketing Intramural Sports and the Regional Tournament. This experience was needless to say, but I will say it anyway, interesting… the guy who I was suppose to meet (Big Red) came into the intramural office, introduced himself, and asked where he could change so he could get ready. Once he was dressed as Big Red, he WAS BIG RED. I’m not sure if everyone knows or not but, Big Red is played by a person, I hope I’m not ruining this for anyone… Anyway, so he is in costume now and is hyped with school spirit to the max. He is running around the office dishing out high fives and being the usual Big Red we all know and love.

Once we got him out of the Preston Center so we could take pictures I asked him if it was ok if we do some different poses and different things for pictures. He replied with, “… (a belly shake and two thumbs up)…” Even though he was Big Red in costume I thought he would still talk, or communicate verbally, when one on one. That is incorrect, Big Red, is ALWAYS in character. The Executive Producer & Director of WKYU-PBS said Big Red is always in character, “imagine doing a commercial with him.” My experience with Big Red was unforgettable and I got some good pictures that will be featured on the plaques for the winners of the Battle of the Bluegrass flag football tournament. This regional tournament is this weekend, Nov. 19-21, games start on Friday night and championship games will take place on Sunday. If you don’t make it out to the complex you will still have an opportunity to keep up with latest scores and stories at the live action blog…


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All division championships were held on November 10. Check out the podcast to hear all scores and interviews with top players from the night. Remember the “ALL CAMPUS CHAMPIONSHIP” is tonight, November 11 @ 8:00 PM.

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Lambda Chi Alpha’s A team was favored from the beginning to win the Division 1 Flag Football Championship. This D1 Fraternity team had an explosive offense that was very entertaining, and Lambda Chi had no problem finding the end zone. In four regular season games, Lambda Chi scored 288 points. However, not every player on Lambda Chi’s roster was a member of their fraternity. This causes a real problem, considering those players were entered into the FRATERNITY League.

The fraternity league is for fraternities only. However, fraternities do have the option to play in the Open D1 Division, or even D2 Division. Fraternity teams must consist of only players made up of that fraternity. If a player on a specific fraternity’s team is not a member of that fraternity, they are an “illegal” participant.

 I have been asked to leave out some details of the phone calls and procedures, but I will say that Lambda Chi A has forfeited their game against KA Black in the next round of playoffs. This forfeit was appealed, and it was denied. FINAL VERDICT… Lambda Chi A is done for the season.

On a lighter note, I would like to inform everyone that the intramural department has 10 officials that will be refereeing in regional tournaments. This is a big accomplishment for our department and for our officials representing our department. When these officials travel to regional tournaments in West Florida, Southern Mississippi State, and other universities they have the opportunity to become All-American Officials. Be sure to wish all of our officials luck and feel satisfied that you have such successful officials officiating YOUR intramural events.

If you have questions please leave a comment.

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As I check imleagues.com I can see that the playoff bracket is set. The only question now is: Who will win? This is a question that seems to have many answers. Remember, there will be ONE women’s champion, ONE co-rec champion, ONE d2 champion, and TWO d1 Champions. The winner of d1 Frat will play the winner of d1 Open, almost like an NFC champion and an AFC champion playing for the Superbowl.

For the Co Rec Division, I honestly can’t see any team winning other than NSO. The only team I would sub out as champion for this division would be the PE MAJORS. The reason I say the PE MAJORS is because that’s mostly what they do: play sports. Everyone sees the classes they have in the gym- they simply just practice sports all the time. The PE players should win everything, but somehow they don’t. Shane Taylor, a PE Major here at WKU says, “I’m not sure why we don’t win more…” and he left the quote at that. So this championship game will be:


In the Women’s Division, I feel as if ADPi will win the whole thing. For one, the ADPi Lions read the last blog and two, they were the winners last year. The team I strongly believe will be playing them for the championship is KD White. If the ADPi Lions can keep it together throughout the playoffs I feel they will be the women’s championship team for the SECOND year in a row.


When a team wins the Division 2 championship, they normally try and play up a division next year. With this being said, the Bashers, returning D2 champions are favored to win. The team that I foresee them playing in the championship game will be the STORM. Both teams know what it takes to win, seeing as both are undefeated. But the true question is: Who will rise to be number 1 in Division 2?


In our AFC, or Fraternity Division, I believe the top team will be Lambda Chi A. Their offense is tough and, with putting up as many points as they do, I can’t see them losing. With that being said, I feel the NFC, or Open Division, will be represented by OPP. This team knows the rules in and out and, mixed with athletic ability, they have a shot at being the DIVISION ONE CHAMPION.


Champion games are planned to be on NOVEMBER 11, come and check out all the action.

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As the end of the regular season comes to a close this week I would like to point out a few important things. First, participation, our numbers for flag football this year were extremely high. This is a positive thing and we hope to keep seeing our numbers increase. Second, creativity, some team names are very creative and unique, other team names are boring and  unoriginal. Take the following teams names as GOOD examples: Girls of Fall, Victorious Secret, No Punt Intended, and even Hotdog Water. Those are some of the top team names from flag this year. As for the list of teams that have a NOT so unique name: ALL FRAT teams that say their chapter and then pick a color. At least get somewhat creative and pick an animal along with your color. Some examples of this, instead of just being EX Blue, or KA Crimson, and SAE White. I mean the least you can do is give your team a mascot. Some good examples of adding animals to your team name would be the EX blue donkeys, or KA crimson rabbits, and  the SAE white monkeys. This way when players come up to sign in for games they can’t say, “I’m on ___________ (FRAT) and I don’t know what color we are.” An awesome animal selection will help members of your team remember which team they are on. I hope as new teams sign up for upcoming intramural events they put serious thought into their team name. Your team name should show character, pride, and should be witty/catchy.

On a more serious note, from a personal stand point, this season has been very successful. Our new class of officials has improved from week 1 and we have some possible all american officials. As the intramural season progresses from flag football into other sports I hope participants and employees of intramural sports keep good sportsmanship and encourage participation.

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Fall break is over and as flag football is back underway it’s that time in the season for big wins. For teams to make the playoffs they will need to be in the top half of their 6 team bracket. With the end of regular season approaching teams need to remember that sportsmanship effects your playoffs possibilities. Teams must have an average of a 3.0 out 4.0 sportsmanship grade to advance. Our sportsmanship rule has held teams back from advancing on past the regular season is years past. With the end of flag football coming closer other intramural sports are  now available.

Perez Carothers attempting a shot on goal. (Team Handball 2009)

Some new sports that will begin soon include Doubles Racquetball, Team Handball, and the Turkey Trot. So, if you are looking to win an intramural championship shirt and your flag team didn’t make the cut, you still have many opportunities to earn yourself a championship shirt. The three upcoming sports require different skill sets, Doubles Racquetball– you may need a little hand eye coordination and must have the ability to dodge people swinging racquets.Team Handball– a team event that is similar water polo on land and requires either a lot of endurance or a deep depth chart. Turkey Trot– this event is a 5k challenge so if your not up for a “light” run you can always walk. Our intramural department hopes to seen our participation grow in each sport so please sign up online.

Click here for more info.

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