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Check out the following podcast. It contains information about upcoming events, how to register for the intramural bracket challenge, and my personal predictions for the Final Four. Leave a post with comments, questions, or your very own predictions and a place where you can brag and say, “told ya so.”


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The semester is closing out this week and with classes ending, intramural sports will end as well. But tonight, Dec. 9, is the Holiday Hoops Basketball Championships. The Women’s Championship game will take place @ 8:00 PM in the Raymond B. Preston Center. The Men’s Championship game will take place @ 9:00 PM on the same court. Last semester there were over 200 spectators for our championship games, we hope to see just as many tonight. Come out and support your friends and cheer them on as they play for the coveted Intramural Championship T-Shirts!!

Holiday Hoops Championship Games:

Raymond B. Preston Health and Activities Center

8:00 PM Dribbling Divas vs ADPi Lions 

9:00 PM The Heat vs L.O.E.

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Here is a short video displaying how the Raymond B. Preston Center came to be, and how it got to what it is today. Brad Stinnet takes us through the foundation and the current programs of the Preston Center on the WKU campus.



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All division championships were held on November 10. Check out the podcast to hear all scores and interviews with top players from the night. Remember the “ALL CAMPUS CHAMPIONSHIP” is tonight, November 11 @ 8:00 PM.

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As I check imleagues.com I can see that the playoff bracket is set. The only question now is: Who will win? This is a question that seems to have many answers. Remember, there will be ONE women’s champion, ONE co-rec champion, ONE d2 champion, and TWO d1 Champions. The winner of d1 Frat will play the winner of d1 Open, almost like an NFC champion and an AFC champion playing for the Superbowl.

For the Co Rec Division, I honestly can’t see any team winning other than NSO. The only team I would sub out as champion for this division would be the PE MAJORS. The reason I say the PE MAJORS is because that’s mostly what they do: play sports. Everyone sees the classes they have in the gym- they simply just practice sports all the time. The PE players should win everything, but somehow they don’t. Shane Taylor, a PE Major here at WKU says, “I’m not sure why we don’t win more…” and he left the quote at that. So this championship game will be:


In the Women’s Division, I feel as if ADPi will win the whole thing. For one, the ADPi Lions read the last blog and two, they were the winners last year. The team I strongly believe will be playing them for the championship is KD White. If the ADPi Lions can keep it together throughout the playoffs I feel they will be the women’s championship team for the SECOND year in a row.


When a team wins the Division 2 championship, they normally try and play up a division next year. With this being said, the Bashers, returning D2 champions are favored to win. The team that I foresee them playing in the championship game will be the STORM. Both teams know what it takes to win, seeing as both are undefeated. But the true question is: Who will rise to be number 1 in Division 2?


In our AFC, or Fraternity Division, I believe the top team will be Lambda Chi A. Their offense is tough and, with putting up as many points as they do, I can’t see them losing. With that being said, I feel the NFC, or Open Division, will be represented by OPP. This team knows the rules in and out and, mixed with athletic ability, they have a shot at being the DIVISION ONE CHAMPION.


Champion games are planned to be on NOVEMBER 11, come and check out all the action.

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As the end of the regular season comes to a close this week I would like to point out a few important things. First, participation, our numbers for flag football this year were extremely high. This is a positive thing and we hope to keep seeing our numbers increase. Second, creativity, some team names are very creative and unique, other team names are boring and  unoriginal. Take the following teams names as GOOD examples: Girls of Fall, Victorious Secret, No Punt Intended, and even Hotdog Water. Those are some of the top team names from flag this year. As for the list of teams that have a NOT so unique name: ALL FRAT teams that say their chapter and then pick a color. At least get somewhat creative and pick an animal along with your color. Some examples of this, instead of just being EX Blue, or KA Crimson, and SAE White. I mean the least you can do is give your team a mascot. Some good examples of adding animals to your team name would be the EX blue donkeys, or KA crimson rabbits, and  the SAE white monkeys. This way when players come up to sign in for games they can’t say, “I’m on ___________ (FRAT) and I don’t know what color we are.” An awesome animal selection will help members of your team remember which team they are on. I hope as new teams sign up for upcoming intramural events they put serious thought into their team name. Your team name should show character, pride, and should be witty/catchy.

On a more serious note, from a personal stand point, this season has been very successful. Our new class of officials has improved from week 1 and we have some possible all american officials. As the intramural season progresses from flag football into other sports I hope participants and employees of intramural sports keep good sportsmanship and encourage participation.

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Flag Football at Western Kentucky University is a highly anticipated Intramural Sports event. For the 2010 season there are over 120 teams, at least 800 participants, and only 5 different divisions of play. The divisions available for play this year are: Women’s, Co-Rec, Division 2, Division 1 OPEN, and Division 1 FRATERNITY. There will be four weeks of regular season play and only the top half of the teams in each sub dived division will advance to the playoffs. The winner of each division will be awarded with an Intramural Championship Shirt (which look AWESOME this year). Come out and support your favorite teams as they hope to reach The 2010 Championship Games.

This year is guaranteed to be the most exciting season of flag football. Reason being, all the fraternities are in the same division, meaning more “rivalry” games. With KA winning the Division 1 title from last season, they will start off this season having a large target on their back. In addition to the Fraternity division, we have also created a new “Open” division. This division is still for players who wish to compete at a higher competition level but will not play against fraternities in the regular season. A negative effect of dividing up division 1 is not having insane upsets by a random team of scrubs playing against a top notch fraternity team. However, a more positive side of separating fraternity and non-fraternity teams is represented in a Championship game featuring the D1 Fraternity Championship Team vs. the D1 Open Championship team.

As a participant and fan of flag football I find this to be RIDICULOUS (in a good way). This game will draw more of a crowd than any intramural event before its time. The 2010 DIVISION ONE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME will be GREAT… It will be EPIC…

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