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Last night the Intramural Recreational Sports Department had its training of officials for the upcoming volleyball mini-league. During this training officials, of new and veteran status, sat down and went through the rules. They discussed situations, terms, and signals. One topic that became humorous was the fact that there is no “legal” or “official” signal for when the ball hits the rafters during play. Some believe the best signal is to verbalize that the ball hit the rafters or ceiling, while some other officials, with much more experience, have a much brighter idea. The other idea is to do a hand gesture pointing to the ear (representing sounds like from the game charades) then after pointing to the ear you put your arms out and act like a “raptor”. So the charade signal would mean = sounds like raptor, which in turn means rafters, and then you would signal a point for whichever team has earned that point. With these two possible rulings, we realize that the second one makes much more sense but some people within the program feel the first option is better. So, a heated debate has been developed and an official report has been sent to N.I.R.S.A. “National Intramural Recreational Sports Association” and an answer on the ruling should be determined in 7 – 8 months.

On a much more SERIOUS note, the All University Cup is still a close race. With only 3 intramural events left to be finished, volleyball could be a big determining factor for the winner of the cup. In the past Kappa Alpha has been pretty good at volleyball and taken home championship shirts. However, Sigma Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon both have very athletic competitors and with enough determination could steal away a men’s volleyball mini-league championship. The intramural volleyball season starts on Wednesday so come out to the Preston Center and watch!!!


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This past week numerous people walked away from events with a championship t-shirt on their back. Events that took place included basketball, 2ball 3 point challenge, and the kickball tournament. If you are interested in to see who won what… click the links of each sport. If you are interested in seeing who has won all previous sports, click here.

So, as predicted SAE won the men’s basketball league which will score them big points in All University Cup Race. Sigma Chi is trying to stay ahead in the point total and helped their cause by winning first place in the kickball tournament. I’m telling you, this race for the title of the all university cup is getting very interesting. Who do you think will win?

Remember, the intramural season is coming to an end as we approach the end of the school year. Today is last day to register for ultimate frisbee and volleyball. If you are interested in signing up please do so @ imleagues.com

Also, Tuesday April 12, “Ice Cold Pitchers” square off against “Off the Top”. These two teams consist of mainly people who work for the Intramural Recreational Sports Department. If your interested in watching some of our officials make fools of themselves… I mean watch them play softball, then head out to the complex, game starts @ 9:00 PM.

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Welcome back readers, the holiday break is over and Intramural Sports are geared up and ready to go. The winter days of lounging around are done with so get off your couch and get that spring break body. The spring semester is full of highly anticipated Intramural sporting events, which include… basketball, dodgeball, soccer, and softball. There are 15 available sports for the 2011 spring semester. Check out the intramural page to see all the sports and their important dates. The first sport up for participation is Putt Putt with a registration deadline of January 25th.

Most people would say that Putt Putt is a strange intramural event, but it’s a great opportunity to hang out with friends and enjoy a relaxing sport. The course is set up in the Preston Center and designed with obstacles by the intramural staff. Participants in the past have taken this sport as a chance to showcase their “comical” or “outlandish” golf attire. So to encourage such behavior we will not only award the men’s and women’s winners with t-shirts, but will also award the best dressed male and best dressed female. The judging of best dressed participants will be done by the staff working the tournament. In conclusion, before participating in this event you may want to watch classic golf movies such as, Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack, to gain an idea of what looks to be comical, or even ridiculous.

Register online at imleagues.com by January 25th.

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Lambda Chi Alpha’s A team was favored from the beginning to win the Division 1 Flag Football Championship. This D1 Fraternity team had an explosive offense that was very entertaining, and Lambda Chi had no problem finding the end zone. In four regular season games, Lambda Chi scored 288 points. However, not every player on Lambda Chi’s roster was a member of their fraternity. This causes a real problem, considering those players were entered into the FRATERNITY League.

The fraternity league is for fraternities only. However, fraternities do have the option to play in the Open D1 Division, or even D2 Division. Fraternity teams must consist of only players made up of that fraternity. If a player on a specific fraternity’s team is not a member of that fraternity, they are an “illegal” participant.

 I have been asked to leave out some details of the phone calls and procedures, but I will say that Lambda Chi A has forfeited their game against KA Black in the next round of playoffs. This forfeit was appealed, and it was denied. FINAL VERDICT… Lambda Chi A is done for the season.

On a lighter note, I would like to inform everyone that the intramural department has 10 officials that will be refereeing in regional tournaments. This is a big accomplishment for our department and for our officials representing our department. When these officials travel to regional tournaments in West Florida, Southern Mississippi State, and other universities they have the opportunity to become All-American Officials. Be sure to wish all of our officials luck and feel satisfied that you have such successful officials officiating YOUR intramural events.

If you have questions please leave a comment.

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