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Last night the Intramural Recreational Sports Department had its training of officials for the upcoming volleyball mini-league. During this training officials, of new and veteran status, sat down and went through the rules. They discussed situations, terms, and signals. One topic that became humorous was the fact that there is no “legal” or “official” signal for when the ball hits the rafters during play. Some believe the best signal is to verbalize that the ball hit the rafters or ceiling, while some other officials, with much more experience, have a much brighter idea. The other idea is to do a hand gesture pointing to the ear (representing sounds like from the game charades) then after pointing to the ear you put your arms out and act like a “raptor”. So the charade signal would mean = sounds like raptor, which in turn means rafters, and then you would signal a point for whichever team has earned that point. With these two possible rulings, we realize that the second one makes much more sense but some people within the program feel the first option is better. So, a heated debate has been developed and an official report has been sent to N.I.R.S.A. “National Intramural Recreational Sports Association” and an answer on the ruling should be determined in 7 – 8 months.

On a much more SERIOUS note, the All University Cup is still a close race. With only 3 intramural events left to be finished, volleyball could be a big determining factor for the winner of the cup. In the past Kappa Alpha has been pretty good at volleyball and taken home championship shirts. However, Sigma Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon both have very athletic competitors and with enough determination could steal away a men’s volleyball mini-league championship. The intramural volleyball season starts on Wednesday so come out to the Preston Center and watch!!!


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This past week numerous people walked away from events with a championship t-shirt on their back. Events that took place included basketball, 2ball 3 point challenge, and the kickball tournament. If you are interested in to see who won what… click the links of each sport. If you are interested in seeing who has won all previous sports, click here.

So, as predicted SAE won the men’s basketball league which will score them big points in All University Cup Race. Sigma Chi is trying to stay ahead in the point total and helped their cause by winning first place in the kickball tournament. I’m telling you, this race for the title of the all university cup is getting very interesting. Who do you think will win?

Remember, the intramural season is coming to an end as we approach the end of the school year. Today is last day to register for ultimate frisbee and volleyball. If you are interested in signing up please do so @ imleagues.com

Also, Tuesday April 12, “Ice Cold Pitchers” square off against “Off the Top”. These two teams consist of mainly people who work for the Intramural Recreational Sports Department. If your interested in watching some of our officials make fools of themselves… I mean watch them play softball, then head out to the complex, game starts @ 9:00 PM.

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First, a description for the All University Cup, if you already know what the All University Cup is, please feel free to skip to the second paragraph. Fraternities and sororities compete for “All University Points” to win the “All University Cup” with intramural sports. Like many other competitions the team with the most points wins. Fraternities and sororities earn points by placing in our intramural events and also earn points for having participants compete in those events. Points can be taken away/deducted for sportsmanship and forfeits.

Now that everyone knows what these points are and what there for… Here is the interesting part. The past three years Kappa Alpha has won the All University Cup. However if Kappa Alpha plans to win for a 4th time in a row, they are really going to need a clutch ending to this intramural season.

This past weekend Kappa Alpha went to work with gaining some points. KA won 1st and 2nd in the Wiffleball Tournament and also received 2nd and 3rd place in the Corn Hole Tournament. This made the All University Cup a close three-way race. Currently, as of April 7th, the Intramural All University Points standings are as follows:

Sigma Chi (EX) – 2,890

Kappa Alpha (KA)- 2,870

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) – 2,150

When you look at these scores, you may think it’s only a two-way race, but you must remember this. The basketball season is coming to a close and SAE has a chance to gain a massive amount of points. SAE has two basketball teams in separate divisions (Men’s and Co-Rec) and have the potential to win both. If they are able to win both championships for basketball they will receive 1,000 points. Tonight, April 7th, the semi finals for basketball games will take place and determine who will play for the championship games. So, be sure to come out to the Preston Health and Activities Center tonight and watch all the action, games start @ 5:30. Championship games will take place tomorrow, Wednesday April 8th, and the all campus championship of Open vs. Fraternity Champion is Thursday @ 7:30 after the 2ball 3point shoot out.

There is a lot of action happening this week in the Preston Center, so be sure to come check it out. If you ever have any questions or comments please call (270) 745-6060

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First and foremost the topic that is in the front of everyones mind, MARCH MADNESS, and the current leaders of the Intramural Bracket. For the Men’s Division there are 3 competitors who are tied for first with a point possibility of 157. Those individuals are Mitch Herr (Pike), Baker Dodge (SAE), and Cam Lackey (EX). So, congratulations to those guys for having the best bracket so far. As for the Women’s Division, the top 3 leading ladies are Emily Lanman (Phi Mu), Kayla Foster (Kappa Delta), and the IMREC Computer is currently in third.

Now that you know who is leading the 2011 Intramural NCAA Bracket Challenge let’s discuss SPORTSMANSHIP. Many websites define good sportsmanship and bad sportsmanship, I found many of these definitions very elementary. If you don’t know what good sportsmanship is, GOOGLE it @ google.com If you would like to see some bad examples of sportsmanship follow this link. So, please keep respect at a high level as you need a 3.0 to advance into the playoffs. That goes for both soccer and basketball. Participants, one reminder, keep paying close attention to e-mails from imleagues.com and if you have any questions please contact the intramural office at (270) 745-6060.

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As the end of the regular season comes to a close this week I would like to point out a few important things. First, participation, our numbers for flag football this year were extremely high. This is a positive thing and we hope to keep seeing our numbers increase. Second, creativity, some team names are very creative and unique, other team names are boring and  unoriginal. Take the following teams names as GOOD examples: Girls of Fall, Victorious Secret, No Punt Intended, and even Hotdog Water. Those are some of the top team names from flag this year. As for the list of teams that have a NOT so unique name: ALL FRAT teams that say their chapter and then pick a color. At least get somewhat creative and pick an animal along with your color. Some examples of this, instead of just being EX Blue, or KA Crimson, and SAE White. I mean the least you can do is give your team a mascot. Some good examples of adding animals to your team name would be the EX blue donkeys, or KA crimson rabbits, and  the SAE white monkeys. This way when players come up to sign in for games they can’t say, “I’m on ___________ (FRAT) and I don’t know what color we are.” An awesome animal selection will help members of your team remember which team they are on. I hope as new teams sign up for upcoming intramural events they put serious thought into their team name. Your team name should show character, pride, and should be witty/catchy.

On a more serious note, from a personal stand point, this season has been very successful. Our new class of officials has improved from week 1 and we have some possible all american officials. As the intramural season progresses from flag football into other sports I hope participants and employees of intramural sports keep good sportsmanship and encourage participation.

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What would you say if there was a flag football team averaging 75.5 points a game? What would you say about a team that scored 93 points in a single game? Well… Whatever your answer is, report it to Lambda Chi’s A team. They scored 58 points in their first game against SAE White, and put up 93 points against the KA Billy Goats. These brutal victories are being led by Lambda Chi’s quarterback, Chris Singleton. He can throw deep bombs and is able to avoid the rush and turn it up field for positive yards on the carry. The highly favored Lambda Chi’s have the  quickness and ability to dodge tackles (a.k.a. flag pulls) without penalties and if another fraternity team can’t stop their offense then Lambda Chi will soon be Champions. If you are interested in this high scoring fraternity you can check them out @ 8:00 PM on Sundays.

When the WKU Flag Football Season has ended and the division champions have been crowned, will any of these teams test their skills at a Regional Tournament? For those of you who don’t know, a Regional Tournament is a tournament that consists of many teams from around the country. All of these teams are looking to be a REGIONAL CHAMPION, because when you win this championship you win a stipend trip to the National Championship. Last year’s National Championship took place a day or two before New Year’s in New Orleans. So the question is… How good are the teams who win our WKU divisions? Do they have what it takes to compete in a Regional Tournament? The Battle of the Bluegrass which is here in Bowling Green is being held the weekend of Nov. 19. For more information: click here. There are also tournaments in Florida, Ohio, Mississippi, and many other states. If you have any interest in any regional tournament contact: Brandon MacCallum (270) 745-6060.

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