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The Intramural Bunny Hop 5k took place last Thursday despite the cold weather. In some cases the cold weather helped these runners to achieve their fastest times. Many fans, runners, and readers may think that the competitors hop 5k, but that is a common mistake, “The Bunny Hop” title is merely for seasonal effect. This 5k is a race in which you run.

Some competitors walked while many competitors ran and a few runners recieved there fastest 5k time… ever. One of those individuals who had their personal best included the winner, Justin Wellum, who ran 3.2 miles in 15:56. First off, he not only won, but his average mile time was faster than “my personal best” mile time. Spectators were even heard as saying, “watching Justin Wellum running is just as exciting as the Kentucky Derby!” The Womens Champion, Jasey Beckman, of Chi  Omega took home the championship shirt as well as a giant chocolate bunny. Jasey’s performance in the Annual Bunny Hop Run recieved national attention from The National Long Distance Running Hall of Fame. So, in closing, if you missed the WKU Intramural Annual Bunny Hop 5k, you missed a moment that will be remembered in history by only the lucky.

Also, REMEMBER…. Important EVENTS!!!

-All Campus Basketball Champions  4/7 @ 7:30

-2Ball 3Point Shootout   4/7 @ 5:00

-Corn Hole Tournament   This Saturday 4/2

-Wiffleball Tournament   This Friday 4/1

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First and foremost the topic that is in the front of everyones mind, MARCH MADNESS, and the current leaders of the Intramural Bracket. For the Men’s Division there are 3 competitors who are tied for first with a point possibility of 157. Those individuals are Mitch Herr (Pike), Baker Dodge (SAE), and Cam Lackey (EX). So, congratulations to those guys for having the best bracket so far. As for the Women’s Division, the top 3 leading ladies are Emily Lanman (Phi Mu), Kayla Foster (Kappa Delta), and the IMREC Computer is currently in third.

Now that you know who is leading the 2011 Intramural NCAA Bracket Challenge let’s discuss SPORTSMANSHIP. Many websites define good sportsmanship and bad sportsmanship, I found many of these definitions very elementary. If you don’t know what good sportsmanship is, GOOGLE it @ google.com If you would like to see some bad examples of sportsmanship follow this link. So, please keep respect at a high level as you need a 3.0 to advance into the playoffs. That goes for both soccer and basketball. Participants, one reminder, keep paying close attention to e-mails from imleagues.com and if you have any questions please contact the intramural office at (270) 745-6060.

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