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First, a description for the All University Cup, if you already know what the All University Cup is, please feel free to skip to the second paragraph. Fraternities and sororities compete for “All University Points” to win the “All University Cup” with intramural sports. Like many other competitions the team with the most points wins. Fraternities and sororities earn points by placing in our intramural events and also earn points for having participants compete in those events. Points can be taken away/deducted for sportsmanship and forfeits.

Now that everyone knows what these points are and what there for… Here is the interesting part. The past three years Kappa Alpha has won the All University Cup. However if Kappa Alpha plans to win for a 4th time in a row, they are really going to need a clutch ending to this intramural season.

This past weekend Kappa Alpha went to work with gaining some points. KA won 1st and 2nd in the Wiffleball Tournament and also received 2nd and 3rd place in the Corn Hole Tournament. This made the All University Cup a close three-way race. Currently, as of April 7th, the Intramural All University Points standings are as follows:

Sigma Chi (EX) – 2,890

Kappa Alpha (KA)- 2,870

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) – 2,150

When you look at these scores, you may think it’s only a two-way race, but you must remember this. The basketball season is coming to a close and SAE has a chance to gain a massive amount of points. SAE has two basketball teams in separate divisions (Men’s and Co-Rec) and have the potential to win both. If they are able to win both championships for basketball they will receive 1,000 points. Tonight, April 7th, the semi finals for basketball games will take place and determine who will play for the championship games. So, be sure to come out to the Preston Health and Activities Center tonight and watch all the action, games start @ 5:30. Championship games will take place tomorrow, Wednesday April 8th, and the all campus championship of Open vs. Fraternity Champion is Thursday @ 7:30 after the 2ball 3point shoot out.

There is a lot of action happening this week in the Preston Center, so be sure to come check it out. If you ever have any questions or comments please call (270) 745-6060


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The Intramural Bunny Hop 5k took place last Thursday despite the cold weather. In some cases the cold weather helped these runners to achieve their fastest times. Many fans, runners, and readers may think that the competitors hop 5k, but that is a common mistake, “The Bunny Hop” title is merely for seasonal effect. This 5k is a race in which you run.

Some competitors walked while many competitors ran and a few runners recieved there fastest 5k time… ever. One of those individuals who had their personal best included the winner, Justin Wellum, who ran 3.2 miles in 15:56. First off, he not only won, but his average mile time was faster than “my personal best” mile time. Spectators were even heard as saying, “watching Justin Wellum running is just as exciting as the Kentucky Derby!” The Womens Champion, Jasey Beckman, of Chi  Omega took home the championship shirt as well as a giant chocolate bunny. Jasey’s performance in the Annual Bunny Hop Run recieved national attention from The National Long Distance Running Hall of Fame. So, in closing, if you missed the WKU Intramural Annual Bunny Hop 5k, you missed a moment that will be remembered in history by only the lucky.

Also, REMEMBER…. Important EVENTS!!!

-All Campus Basketball Champions  4/7 @ 7:30

-2Ball 3Point Shootout   4/7 @ 5:00

-Corn Hole Tournament   This Saturday 4/2

-Wiffleball Tournament   This Friday 4/1

Also remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter- WKU Intramurals

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You may have not known, but there is a Corn Hole Tournament approaching. The Intramural Department will be partnering with DUC to provide Live Music, Free Food, and Prizes. Be sure to register by March 28 on imleagues.com

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