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This past weekend, Nov. 19th – 21st, was the Battle of the Bluegrass Regional Flag Football Tournament. There were 27 teams represented from 19 different universities. The Gold Pooh from Tennessee Tech. University won the Men’s Division. 2 Legit from West Florida took home the title of Women’s Champion, and the Bluegrass Bombthreats from the University of Kentucky took home the Co-Rec Championship. The Live Action Blog was a huge success, getting more than 1,000 hits. If your interested in checking out some scores, awesome photos, and podcasts from the tournament then check out the Battle of the Bluegrass blog. www.wkuregional.wordpress.com


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What would you say if there was a flag football team averaging 75.5 points a game? What would you say about a team that scored 93 points in a single game? Well… Whatever your answer is, report it to Lambda Chi’s A team. They scored 58 points in their first game against SAE White, and put up 93 points against the KA Billy Goats. These brutal victories are being led by Lambda Chi’s quarterback, Chris Singleton. He can throw deep bombs and is able to avoid the rush and turn it up field for positive yards on the carry. The highly favored Lambda Chi’s have the  quickness and ability to dodge tackles (a.k.a. flag pulls) without penalties and if another fraternity team can’t stop their offense then Lambda Chi will soon be Champions. If you are interested in this high scoring fraternity you can check them out @ 8:00 PM on Sundays.

When the WKU Flag Football Season has ended and the division champions have been crowned, will any of these teams test their skills at a Regional Tournament? For those of you who don’t know, a Regional Tournament is a tournament that consists of many teams from around the country. All of these teams are looking to be a REGIONAL CHAMPION, because when you win this championship you win a stipend trip to the National Championship. Last year’s National Championship took place a day or two before New Year’s in New Orleans. So the question is… How good are the teams who win our WKU divisions? Do they have what it takes to compete in a Regional Tournament? The Battle of the Bluegrass which is here in Bowling Green is being held the weekend of Nov. 19. For more information: click here. There are also tournaments in Florida, Ohio, Mississippi, and many other states. If you have any interest in any regional tournament contact: Brandon MacCallum (270) 745-6060.

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