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The Intramural Basketball League tiped offed Sunday, Feb. 13, with little to no problems. That’s right I said “PROBLEM” and it’s a big one we need to deal with. The big concern on the minds of everyone involved with this sport are the “JERSEYS” or aka “PENNIES”. Here are a few issues with these numbered mesh rags.

1.) They never have your favorite number and your forced to play as a linemen wearing number 84.

2.) Your the last one to sign in on your team and you get stuck with one that feels like it was just soaked in a tub.

3.) The pennies are too small and too short. So, if your a towering giant, you get a belly shirt, and if your not skinny you’re given a sports bra.

4.) The pennies/jerseys are only washed once a day so if you play during the last hour, good luck finding the clean ones… or one… if any.

5.) And lastly, they are beginning to only use red and white pennies (promoting school spirit)

After hearing the top 5 problems participants have with jerseys/pennies, I will provide tips on how to avoid these problems, and how you can make the most of your intramural experience.

1.) Show up two hours before your game and wash a batch of pennies yourself. That gives you 30 minutes for a quick wash, 45 minutes to dry, and plenty of time to get your lay up line going.

2.) Sign up in the league that always has the first or second games. Don’t get stuck in a late hour or you get the pennies that feel like they were used by our water polo team.

3.) The easiest way to avoid the pennies and their problems is to get together as a team and throw up some cash for cheap matching t-shirts. If you do this your able to avoid sweat from other participants, you get your favorite number, and you avoid wearing something that looks like you got it from the baby gap.

Readers, you heard it here first. The top 5 problems and the 3 best ways to fix your jersey problems. I hope to see brightly colored t-shirts with amazing designs and a lack of use in the penny department. But hey, if you like the pennies, should it really stick to just red and white. I would love to hear your input, feedback, or crazy penny/jersey story.


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